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Yesterday I passed the ACP-100 exam so now I am an Atlassian Certified Professional Jira Administrator. A bit cool. The exam was tough, so you will have to study even though you are an experienced Jira administrator. You will be tested in almost any functionality in JIRA so prepare yourself. Got 68% and needed 65% to pass so it was close. Was aiming for a better result but I passed.

Preparing for the exam I do recommend the following:

  1. Purchase and read the JIRA Strategy Admin Workbook. Very useful resource.
  2. Do the case studies recommended by Atlassian. You can find them here: Case studies

Preparing for the exam has been extremely useful and I have learned a lot. I consider myself a JIRA plugin developer more than an administrator but being an Atlassian certified is the proof that you know something about the area. Next up is the ACP-200 Confluence Administrator certification and it is going to be challenging.

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