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A few hours ago I released a new version of the Jira User Export app for Atlassian Jira. Version 1.2.0 now supports MS Excel (XLSX) when exporting Jira users. So Jira users can now be exported to the following formats:

  1. JSON

  2. XML

  3. CSV – comma separared

  4. CSV – semicolon separated

  5. XLSX

I have also created a new REST endpoint to handle Jira user properties in the Jira UI so now it is programmatically possible to add Jira user properties in a flexiable way.

The Jira User Export app have been tested successfully on Jira 7.0.0. This is great news. I was a bit nervous to see the performance for this version. But it was OK. So the Jira User Export app now supports Jira from version 7.0.0 to version 8.2.1.

I do hope the app can be found useful for some Jira administrators.

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