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After a week of the release of macOS Mojave I decided to do the upgrade. The last major upgrades of Mac OS I have not experienced any problems what so ever. But this time I encountered a small problem that took me about 30 minutes to figure out.

I downloaded the macOS Mojave and was ready to install but for some reason I was unable to install. When I came to the last step in the installer where you select the disk where you want to install the new macOS I encountered the following error: “Unable to install, Damaged Core Storage Users”. This error did not make any sense at all. A little Google Kungfu did not give me any useful results but after a while of searching I was wondering if the FileVault could be an issue here. My data on my MacBook Pro is encrypted using macOS FileVault so I started to wonder if there could be an issue with my user and FileVault. I opened System Preferences and then Privacy & Security in macOS and then the FileVault tab and bingo. I noticed that my user was unable to unlock the disk.

The trick is to click the “Enable users” button and choose your user. Then shutdown the macOS Mojave installer and reopen. Now you are able to complete the installation. An hour later I was running macOS Mojave, nice. I love the dark UI by the way.

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